Tuesday, January 27, 2009


OK -- I have already missed my opportunity for New Year's Resolutions -- dashed the easy entry to the year with observations and predictions. But we are in a new world, a new economy, a new mindset. Google laid off... Chrysler is partnering with Fiat... Heinz stocks are on the rise and Linens and Things collapsed.
Layoffs are rampant. Companies are hesitant to expand and are tightening the reins to prepare for a longer term recession. Canadians receive a budget today; Americans are hoping for a new president to innovate and create.
Major gift donors are will be hesitant -- they've taken a big hit to their investments. Middle and mass donors are going to be careful. The biggest change is going to be to a return of values. You already saw it during the holiday season where people were looking for gift ideas that were filled with meaning rather than cost.
The return to meaning is critical for non-profits. People will be looking for inspiration to do something beyond their own physical reach. Non-profits help ordinary people stretch their arms to reach beyond themselves.