Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I may have gotten distracted by Twitter (I was shocked to find out my last entry way April 15th...) But back to Twitter -- imagine giving inspiring, informative, interactive messages in 140 characters. It tweaks (yeah,yeah...) the imagination, doesn't it?

How are you using Twitter?

As millions of Tweets appear on my personal tweetdeck.com, I need to refocus.....

On Friday, May 15th we launched the results of a youth survey... over 1200 young people participated in the survey. One of the unique features of the survey was that 80% of the respondents are faith-based.

The overall goal of the survey was to discover trends in the teen and college aged market -- focusing on the teen market. One of the most interesting tidbits in the survey is that teens do not like country music (it's rock, pop and hip hop!).... but, hands down, they like Cold Play (Alternative -- but a bit poppy) and Taylor Swift (country)!

The survey shows the interactivity of young people's forays into communication... while Google dominates, Facebook and You Tube are stars.

To get your copy of the survey, just email me and I will send you a PDF.

We'll have it up on our web site (barefootcreative.com)......... give me a day!

I'm looking for wisdom in the next phase of social media.... as MySpace dwindles to less than 60 million users and 35+ are taking over Facebook.... Where is the next digital hang out for teens? Will MySpace have a A&W renewal?