Friday, April 9, 2010

Tut! Tut! Tiger....

OK.... it's a pretty big challenge.
Nike has paid Tiger Woods a lot of money to stay in the game. But when the big boys of the game slap his fingers in public Nike gets antsy. Can the great one fall?
Well he fell -- what's happening now is spin.
But the spin took a very interesting angle as Woods stepped onto the green this week. The Masters are big. Woods coming back, wife in tow, is bigger. Even people who don't follow golf have followed the story.
The advertising agency approached it somewhat head on. But they made a mistake.
The ad -- you can watch it on Anything Hollywood, unless they pulled it off. (When I went straight to You Tube it told me that it was taken off by the person who put it on.)
37% of viewers were skeptical and saw the ad for what it was: an ad. But 44% were simply confused. Will they buy Nike? I'm pretty sure they will. Will question Nike's campaign tactics? I think so.
What did you learn?
Maybe putting a sulky adult Tiger Woods on air for 30 seconds and listening to his father lecture him was not the most astute approach.
Our lesson.
Managing spokespersons who go astray is very hard. You're really caught between a contract and a hard place.

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